God Hates Fags and America

Religious Fucker of the Week

This really truly pisses me off. Pisses me off to no end. I’ve been thinking about adding something new to The Libertine called My Nominated Religious Fucker of the Week and was trying to decide who I’d pick to be nominated this week when I stumbled across the website God Hates Fags and God Hates America.

This is obviously not the first time I’ve heard about Fred Phelps and his WBC organization. His face is old news in America but I had never been to his websites before so even though I’ve heard the shit he’s spewed on the news I wasn’t aware of what’s plastered on his sites. Remember back when his face was all over the news for violating the memorial services of our soldiers with protests? Yea that’s him.

Anyway, I came across their sites (which I hadn’t visited before) mainly because I was curious. At first I didn’t realize these sites were the sites of Fred Phelps. I just thought they were some really whacked out mother fuckers with too much time on their hands.

The more stuff I read on their website, the more I got pissed off about it. Here’s some of the complete and utter shit you can find there.

“Fags live filthy, unhealthy, dangerous, unhappy, and in many cases, violent lives.”

I would say the people that are a part of this organization are deathly afraid to admit that they might just be fags themselves.

“Westboro Baptist Church has a message for the Media: God Hates You. You are the helpless captives and bondslaves of his majesty The Devil, slavishly working his will. WBC will picket your funerals (as Randy Shilts in San Francisco) and dance on your graves (as Henry Clay Gold near Columbia, Mo.), and remind you: Shilts and Gold have been in Hell for years now, with eternity left to go.”

When you fill the army with fags and dykes and spit in the face of God, you have sown the wind, and shall reap the whirlwind (Hos. 8:7).
This is the picture that America deserves. Get used to it! You worship at the fag altar, you get boxes draped in your fag flag coming home!

I’m not even a Christian but even I know that Christians are supposed to compassionate and there is nothing compassionate about dancing on the grave of someone who’s life really did matter.

“Here’s a little secret. Kansas has had a funeral picketing law for years, and we still picket funerals in Kansas!!! Dying time is truth time! DEAL WITH IT!!!
Number of Americans who have entered hell as result of this bloody takeover of
: 3,705 WBC Prays for it to be 3,705,000!!!”

I do not understand how someone can say they are a Christian and yet pray to their God that thousands of people die just to prove that they are right. How is leading people to Christianity? What makes this method the approved method of preaching to the sinner? I simply don’t understand such raw hatred towards a group of people that haven’t done anything but live their own lives.

“On September 11, 2001, God Almighty struck the United States of America with the worst terrorist attack in her history. Thousands died, millions, even billions of dollars lost and spent in subsequent recovery, cleanup, and security measures, and what has changed? Nothing. One week after America is struck by God’s Hand, the Pervert in Chief George W. Bush swears in an out of the closet, militant homosexual, Michael Guest to be Ambassador to Romania! The representative face of America to Europe is an out of the closet fag! Guest, along with his fag lover, live as husband and wife in the American Embassy in Bucharest, flaunting their perversion at every opportunity, representing America as a fag nation!!”

Huh? GOD struck the U.S.? I’m sorry but I thought it was a terrorist group that flew planes into the Twin Towers. If God struck America, then doesn’t that mean the terrorists were right and if that’s the case then aren’t Christians, Fred Phelps and WBC in particular terrorists? Oye, I’m confused.

“The closest thing to righteousness on the issue of fags can be found in Zimbabwe, but even there corruption, greed, and idolatry soil her flag. The only way for any country to get right with God at this point is to declare sodomy and all sexual deviance outside one man, one woman, one lifetime as capital crimes, and enforce the death penalty on those convicted of committing the offenses!”

So, now we should hand out the death penalty for fucking someone who isn’t of the opposite sex? What the hell is wrong with these people and why is our country sitting by and letting them spew their sickness into society? If you ask me the death penalty should be handed out to fucking idiots like Phelps and the WBC.

Fred Phelps is a Religious Fucker in my opinion. Fuck you Fred.

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One Response to “God Hates Fags and America”

  1. Chris C Says:

    Those wacky Christians.

    Judging from history you could argue God hates everyone hehe.

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