Sex Tools to Please Your Man

Being a shameless pleaser of men, I’m going to give you an inside peek at the tools I keep hidden behind a padlock. I’m talking about sex tools. I call them tools because while there is that whole boys and their toys thing, there’s also that thing about men and their tools.

Due, in part, to the popularity of shows like Sex and the City there has been a lot of coming out by women who adore their sex toys. I’m all for great toys like The Rabbit and while there are plenty of reviews for women’s self pleasuring devices, there isn’t enough information about men’s devices…until now that is. We owe it to our men to show them how fun tools can be and give them the best big “O” we can.

Here’s what I keep hidden in my toy trunk. I guarantee you with a collection like this he’ll keep cumming back for more.

Add a little flavor to that lollipop
If there’s one thing men love above all else it’s having their lolli sucked, slurped, licked and tasted. And as much as they want it to happen, they want their partner to want to do it more. Some women do not enjoy the taste and would rather avoid any southern connections at all. Instead of going the northern route consider adding a little flavor to his pixie-stick with Good Head edible oral pleasure gel. Flavors come in wild cherry, mind, passion fruit, strawberry and cinnamon.

Tube It Up
When it comes to manually manipulating his fishing pole, you can go the old fashioned route if it suites you but you (and he) may find it a huge surprise that the Suction Sleeve is…Read the rest.


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