Pole Dancing, Lap Dances and Fitness

Pole dancing has become an exercise phenomenon with actresses like Kim Cattral from HBO’s Sex and The City and Carmen Electra promoting girl power with their own how-to videos.

Kim Cattral recently appeared on the Oprah show along with pole dancing instructor Sheila Kelley to teach women how to release their inner sexpot through pole dancing. The two paired up to write a book called, “The S Factor” which breaks down the individual moves and teaches the reader how to put them together into a routine.

Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease workout video teaches you how to tone and strengthen your body through pole dancing. The set comes with 4 different videos containing instructions for how to have a good routine and work out your body at the same time. She even gives step by step directions for giving a lap dance the right way.

But how did pole dancing get started? I mean who comes up with ideas like that? I wondered what made someone dance around a pole to begin with and what made the person watching it, think it was sexy? After a lot of research, I’ve come to learn everything there is to know about pole dancing, well except for actually how to do it and here’s what I discovered about the matter.

According to author A.W. Stencell, in the book titled “Girl Show, Into the Canvass World of Bump and Grind,” “One Eye Tommy Fallon and Mom Fallon ran a single-O girl show called Princess Pat. The girl who worked it would strip naked and grind herself up against the ‘snorting pole’, simulating sex with an imagined male lover. The ‘snorting pole’, or pole in the front of the stage, was often the center tent pole. These cooch and single-O tops were often very small, twenty by thirty feet, so the center pole would be right up against the front of the stage making it available as a ‘prop’. Where the carny term ‘snorting pole’ came from is lost in time. One girl dancer interviewed thought it came from the reaction of the men in the crowd who, she said, ‘snorted like pigs when they became excited!’

The snorting pole went from being a prop in cooch and single-O girl shows to being an architectural accoutrement to most…Read the rest


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