Cell Phones Can Be Irritating

Sometimes I really hate cell phones.  Somehow my husband has managed to hit home on his speed dial so I”m sitting here listening to him at work.  I tried screaming into the phone to get his attention but I don’t think my neighbors appreciate my screaming very much.

At the moment I”m holding down the 2 button on the phone in hopes of getting him to notice he’s called home.  It’s not working.   And let me tell you, listening to the sound of machinery in the background while he barks orders at the welders is not my idea of a good time.

This is not working,  I”m calling his secretary on my cell phone now…hang on while I tell her to tell him to get his ass off the phone….

Ok, I’m back, she’s gone to find him.  I wonder how long this will take.

5 minutes have now elapsed and he’s still on the phone…oh wait, he’s talking to his secretary now.

ROFLMAO!!  She just told him he called home and is on the phone. He laughed and finally hung up on me.  I’m sure he’ll be calling to actually talk to me here in a few minutes.  I gotta run, I want to find my whistle so when he calls I can give him an earful.  Just call me evil!


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