Beach Etiquette; How to Behave at a Nude Beach

As someone who’s been to many nude beaches on many occasions I’m offended by people who don’t use common sense and behave appropriately.

There is a misconception that people attending nude beaches are perverts, sexually loose and there’s no holds barred on behavior at these locations. This is simply not so. There are some basic manners every nude beach goer should adhere to and same goes for clothing optional beaches.

If you are going to visit a nude beach for the first time be sure to check out my article for nude beach beginners, “Nude Beaches, What You Can Expect

Know the difference between a nude beach and a clothing-optional beach
There is a difference, believe it or not, between nude beaches and clothing optional beaches. A nude beach means that if you are visiting, you will be expected at some point to…Read the rest


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