Training for Service of the Lord

In my recent tirade against Apostolics I briefly mentioned the way children are treated. My mentioning of them was so brief that I neglected to write about the future of the ministry. PKs, or Preacher’s Kids, and other children raised in the Apostolic church are often groomed for pastoral duties. Check out the kid in this MySpace video as he gives one hell of a performance. Someone left me this little gem to demonstrate to me how powerful their church is. I disagree my friend, I sorely disagree. The little boy in the video is simply parroting his parents and play acting.

Check this kid out

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One Response to “Training for Service of the Lord”

  1. Chris Says:

    That kid scares me! And what’s with all the ‘ha’s’ at the end of every line he sang/spoke??

    ~Chris Cameron

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